Which areas do you service?

We cater to Northern Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, DC metropolitan area residents, non-profit organizations, government lcoations and businesses. We also cater to some of the DC area's top hotels and venues, such as: The Willard Intercontinental, The Omni-Shoreham, The Hay Adams, The Mayflower, The Four Seasons, Strathmore Music Center and Mansion, The United States Capitol, The Embassies of Colombia, France, India and Israel.

What kind of food do you serve?

We specialize in Mediterranean, Fusion and Asian cuisines. However we offer many other different cuisines as well: American, French, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Russian, Spanish and South American.

What Kosher certification do you hold?

We are Glatt Kosher certified by The Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington (Vaad) with "Capitol-K" certification (hashgacha).

How long in advance do I need to book your services?

For larger, full-service events, we ask for at least one-month's advanced notice so that we may properly prepare for your event and make sure to devote our resources appropriately. Some events may vary. Many of our clients book The Kosher Kitchen several months in advance or even a year to make sure to reserve their date.

Do you provide linens & decorations? 

Yes, upon request, we have a variety of linens and banquet decorations that our clients can choose from. We also work with partner vendors that supply an array of tables and chairs.

What type of services do you offer?

We can provide all types of food services, including, cocktail receptions, buffets, plated dinners, Various live action food stations. We can also assist in acquiring live music, furniture, flowers and other rental services.  

Do you take small orders?

Yes. We will always try to accommodate any kind of order, however buffet orders have a minimum of ten (10) guests.  For individual meals (e.g. pre-plated or boxed), we do offer as little as one, but the delivery fee may be significant in relation the the meal.

What form of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept checks and money orders as forms of payment. However, upon request, we have begun accepting most major credit cards payments with a small service fee added-on.

When is full payment due?

In most cases, full payment will be due at least one week prior to the event date.